Insect Abatement

Insect Abatement Vehicles for Extreme Off-Road Performance

Flooded areas, wetlands and stagnant river beds serve as breeding grounds for all types of insects, this is the exact terrain for which the ARGO was specifically designed! Using an ARGO as part of your abatement program is your best weapon against any type of outbreak, the ARGO has the versatility to take your crew and gear over land and through water to get the job done.

Low cost solution when complete abatement solutions and weed control are required

One amphibious ARGO carrying 2 passengers and spraying equipment can do it all! Go from land to water without any vehicle preparation accessible to any other types vehicles will stream line your operation, whatever terrain and environment.

• Reliable amphibious transportation in harsh environments and rugged terrains
• Customizable add0on solutions for year round usage
• Environmentally friendly with very low ground pressure
• Attractive pricing in combination with low maintenance

• Mosquito Abatement
• Vector & Pest Control
• Sand Fly Abatement
• Environmental Studies
• People & Equipment Transport
• Support Vehicle
• Versatile Cargo or Dump Box
• Remote Lifting, Towing & Hauling
• Snow Plowing

• Very Low Ground Pressure
• Operates in Flooded Areas
• Crosses Deep Mud and Marshy Terrain
• Fully Amphibious
• Up to 6 Passengers
• Travels Over Deep Snow and Ice
• High Altitude Performance
• Overcomes Obstacles and Rocky Terrain
• Hauls Trailers and Supplies

8x8 XTI 8x8 750 HDi   8x8 750 HDi SE