J5 Mobility Platform

J5 Mobility Platform

  • 4x4 skid-steer electric mobility
  • Amphibious
  • Rugged
  • Low Maintenance
  • 35 Degree grade capability
  • Geometric passive suspension
  • Quick access free-wheel mode
  • High payload fraction


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J5 Rover Specifications

External Dimensions 1.52 L x 1.38 W x 0.83 H meters
Base Weight 280 kg includes 1.68 kW hr base battery pack
Gross Vehicle Weight 590 kg
Max Speed Land 18 km/h
Max Incline 35-45 deg
Ground Clearance 254 mm or 10 in
Battery Chemistry AGM sealed lead acid (li-ion optional)
Battery Capacity Expandable to 7.2 kW hr with li-ion option
Traction 24" Argo tire
Suspension Geometric passive articulation
Operating / Storage Temp -20 to 40° C / -40 to 50° C


J5 Rover Mechanical Options

Amphibious Fully amphibious, 4 km/h maximum water speed
Towability Tow with vehicle (e.g. Argo)
Extended Range On-board charger and generator
Traction 24" Turf tires or 12" wide Quad Track System


J5 Rover Control Options

Line-of-Sight Package RF Transmitter (less than 1 km)
Tele-Operation Package Line-of-sight package including remote control station for non-line-of-sight communication and telemetry feedback.
Full-Autonomous Package Tele-operation package including upgraded on-board software and sensors. Includes remote control station with upgraded software for mission planning


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